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Group Bookings (e.g. Schools, Youth clubs, Companies) – Your booking is made by completing a Booking Confirmation Form by phone. Please check the details carefully to ensure that what we set out to provide agrees with your expectation. If you have any queries you must contact us immediately.


A booking will be considered to be confirmed when the appropriate payment has been received. This payment will be accepted as confirmation of a contractual agreement between Stubbers Adventure Centre and Yourself as per the terms and conditions herein. Any reservation not confirmed within the specified period (usually 14 days) will be automatically cancelled without further reference to you. Deposits may be made by cheque, cash, and card. Invoices will not be issued for deposits. For registered companies and government bodies an arrangement may be made for a Purchase Order to be used as acceptance of the fees and terms.


Must be paid in full no later than 90 days prior to the first day of programmed visit.


A modified invoice or additional invoice will be sent. Payment for short notice additions may be settled on arrival at the centre. When there are less participants – a refund may be requested and will be made in accordance with the cancellation charges (see below). You are responsible for making payment by the date shown on the proforma invoice. Please note that cancellation charges will accrue until you notify us in writing of your intention to cancel all or part of your booking. We reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you and impose cancellation charges (see below) if we do not receive full payment by the required date.


If you need to alter, amend or add to any aspect of your visit our staff will do their utmost to assist you although we cannot guarantee our ability to help. Changes may be made without additional charges prior to key payment dates as follows: 1. Paying deposit / 2. Full payment date. No credit can be given for changes to the bookings after a key payment date.


A charge will be made for additional admin as follows: Issue of new invoice: £5.


If you need to cancel your visit or any part of your booking you should notify us in writing as early as possible. Emails need to be sent to and if you are sending a letter or fax these must be followed with a call to the centre between 9am and 5pm daily on 01708 224 753.Stubbers Adventure Centre cannot be held responsible for loss or delay. Cancellation charges as detailed below will apply from the date of receipt of your written notice. Where appropriate the cancellation charge will be applied to each of the individual participants for whom the booking has been made. Per individual Within 24 hours 100% of booking fee Less than 4 weeks 90% booking fee 4 to 12 weeks 50% booking fee Greater than 12 weeks.


A change of date of more than 1 month will be treated as a cancellation by you of the original booking and the appropriate fee applied.


All prices quoted or contained within brochures and other promotional material were based upon costs as known at the time of issue. Surcharges may be imposed if the cost of services such as insurance and contract catering increase. If any increase amounts to more than 10% of the cost of the visit you are entitled to cancel your booking. All monies will be returned providing you notify us of your intention to cancel within 14 days of our issuing the revised invoice. We will not levy any surcharges within 30 days of your date of visit.


Activity Choice – Other than where specified on the Booking Confirmation Form, Stubbers will provide a balanced programme subject to availability. Where possible we shall try to accommodate your preferences. If there is an activity that is inappropriate for your group please let us know when you confirm your booking. Whilst we try not to make any changes we reserve the right to change accommodation arrangements, facilities, activities and brochure details both before and after the your booking has been confirmed. In most cases changes will not significantly affect your visit and you will be notified in advance where possible. In the case of courses, activity days and other individual bookings we occasionally have to cancel the booking. Usually this is for reasons outside of our control such as an insufficient number of people booking the chosen course or activity session, inappropriate weather or equipment availability. In such circumstances you will have the choice of receiving a full refund or making an alternative booking. If the alternative is more expensive we will ask you to fund the difference. If the alternative is less we will refund the difference.


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our promotional material. The information was correct to the best of our knowledge at time of going to press.


Unless specifically stated we cannot accept liability or pay compensation where our delivery or performance is prevented by any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include adverse weather, fire, natural disasters or other similar events outside of our control.


If any of the services which we have agreed to provide for you are proven to be deficient or not of a reasonable standard we will accept responsibility for your disappointment except where such a situation arose because of an event as stipulated above. In all respects we limit the maximum amount of compensation payable to that paid by you for the visit.


Unless instructed otherwise by the party leader it is assumed that all participants may take part in any of the activities offered by the centre. Stubber’s staff accept responsibility for the safety of the young people only whilst participating in instructed activity sessions. Anyone who refuses to accept instructions or participate in the activity will automatically become the responsibility of the accompanying adults. Groups comprising one or more children under 8 years of age must be accompanied on the activity by a responsible adult. We expect a responsible adult to remain on site with the group for the duration of the visit. Other than in the circumstances above the young people remain the responsibility of the accompanying adults. We do not accept residential bookings from parties of young people who are not accompanied by at least one adult leader aged 21 years or older. While the choice of appropriate ratio of responsible adults to children is left to the discretion of the person making the booking we recommend a ratio of one adult to 10 children.


Adventurous Activities by their nature carry an element of risk of death or injury. All persons that agree to take part in activities at the centre do so at acceptance of that risk. It is the responsibility of the party leader to ensure that all members of the party understand and accept the risks involved and that, in the case of young people, parental permission has been obtained.


Members of your party should be made aware that although every reasonable effort is made to control the risk, the activities Quad Biking, Jet Skis and All Terrain Boarding carry a higher risk of injury when not ridden correctly. Any person not wishing to accept that risk should not take part in the activity. We accept responsibility should you or any member of your party suffer death, personal injury or illness because of our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents, suppliers or subcontractors (providing they are working specifically as instructed by us). This acceptance of responsibility however is subject to all of our booking conditions. We cannot accept liability where the death, personal injury or illness was due to the act(s) and / or omission(s) of the person(s) affected or where we or the supplier of the service in question could not have foreseen an event or avoided it even with all due care.


Stubbers Adventure Centre has 3rd Party liability insurance of £ 10 million. We do not provide insurance for personal accident, loss or damage to personal property or for cancellation. It is recommended that you arrange your own insurance for these events.


Special or medical requests must be made at the time of booking. Such requests do not form part of the contract between us and are not guaranteed. As an adventurous activities operator there may be exceptional circumstances where we feel unable to meet a customers’ specific needs. We reserve the right to refuse any booking should such a situation arise.


Whilst we want all of our customers to enjoy their visit the person making the booking is responsible for their own actions and the actions of other members of the party and the effect that these may have on others. You must ensure that your party is made aware of and abides by the site rules and regulations and that reasonable care is taken of the accommodation, facilities and equipment. We reserve the right to seek damages from you if our property is wilfully damaged. If the behaviour of any member of your party is found to cause danger or distress to other customers or staff; or is compromising the safety and enjoyment of themselves or others; or causes damage your group may be asked to leave the site. In such circumstances we will not be liable for reimbursing the cost of your visit or contributing to any expenses you may incur in making alternative arrangements. We cannot be held responsible if you suffer loss or damage as a consequence of failing to take reasonable precautions for you and your party.


We regret that pets other than guide dogs are not permitted on site.


In compliance with the law, smoking is not permitted in buildings, shelters, tents and activity areas. Young people under 18 years of age are not permitted to smoke on site other than in a designated outside area within their residential area as agreed by the party leader and out of view of other client groups. No person will be permitted to take part in activities if in the opinion of Stubbers staff that individual may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Consumption of alcohol on site is at the discretion of the management. However, we do not expect young people to be given access to alcohol during their visit.


If you have any feedback during your visit please inform the Duty Manager on site who will endeavour to help you. If the matter is not dealt with to your satisfaction please complete a Feedback Form which is available from the reception building. Please hand this form in at reception or send it with any covering letter to the Centre Manager within 28 days of the end of your visit. Failure to follow this simple procedure may prevent a full investigation of the points that you raise. We cannot therefore accept liability for any complaint or claim that is not reported in accordance with this procedure unless the claim or complaint involves death, personal injury or illness.


You are welcome to take still and video images of your party. For reasons of child protection, you may not take photographs of other parties. Please note that we use photographs taken by authorised photographers for inclusion in brochures and promotional material including websites. In accepting the conditions you agree that such photographs that include images of your party or yourself may used for inclusion in such material.


Valuables and small items: will be kept for 4 weeks and if not claimed disposed of at the discretion of the centre. Unclaimed money is donated to the Stubbers Charitable Bursary Fund. We regret that due to the volume of clothing that gets left at the centre the contents of the “Dry Clothing” bins are disposed of on the Monday morning following your visit. The contents of the “Wet Clothing” bin are disposed of each day.

Pregnancy Policy

Due to the nature and risk of the adventurous activities we provide, we are unable to advise on participation if you are pregnant.   The welfare of mother and baby are our highest priority, as every pregnancy is different and each mother will be given different care plan we suggest you seek advice from your doctor before attempting participation.  In order to assist you doctor we have an adaption form detailing the activity descriptions and risks involved in each activity, this should be used with the risk benefit analysis for the centre which is available on our website.  This is available on request and will help them make an informed judgement.  All activities taken part in are at your own risk, if you are under 18, you are unable to opt out of our advice and participation will not be permitted without the form completed by a medical professional.

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