Downhill thrills with all-terrain mountain boarding

Experience the rush of snowboarding whatever the weather with Mountain Boarding.

For friends that love to stay at top speed, Mountain Boarding is the adventure of choice. Fast-paced, full-on and fun-filled, ride our specially designed wheeled boards down our grass slopes to experience an adrenaline rush like never before.

All Mountain Boarding activities are overseen by our trained instructors to make sure there’s safety alongside the speed, with gear to protect you in cases of controlled or accidental falls. As you improve you can challenge yourself to beat your time on our stimulating slopes, and show your friends who’s the fastest on all terrains.

Think this is the perfect activity for your next day out? Plan your adventure today by calling us on 01708 224753 (9am-5pm) or visit our dedicated contact page.

Key info:

  • Time – allow up to 90 minutes for this activity
  • Maximum weight – 18 stones (114kg)
  • Please take the time to read the Medical & Risk declaration form prior to your visit. This will be emailed to you with your booking
  • Enclosed Footwear ­– open toe, open back or “croc” type shoes are not permitted for this activity