At Stubbers Adventure Centre we have over 20 years experience of delivering adventure activities with about 40,000 visits each year. As a registered charity the company is run by trustees and managers motivated by a passion for introducing young people to adventure activities. The revenue from fees and the profits from our trading company, Stubbers Training Limited, are ploughed back into the centre to ensure our visitors get the best activity experience, instructors and equipment.

Open 7 days a week, all year round, we welcome groups and individuals wanting to participate in Adventure Activity Programmes, Learning Outside the Classroom Experiences or just to make use of the extensive grounds for walking or orienteering. Our tent villages and residential centre are available for residential stays. We also help organise and provide the venue for schools and club orienteering and cross country events. In fact the scope of our service is so wide covering an amazing holiday activity provision and corporate training days as well as youth outreach work. View our websites to find out more.



We offer a range of programme options to provide best value and a match to different budgets. Some adventurers may need financial assistance towards the visit. We are pleased to have bursary funds that can help those adventurers coming from challenging backgrounds. Call the centre or check the Resources Teachers & Parents  page


We are committed to making our activities accessible regardless of additional needs. So where practical, there is specialist equipment provided to ensure that adventurers with additional needs can have the same activity experience as their friends.


We have groups of the widest range of age and capability, so we are used to the variety of challenge required from behaviour management to gifted and talented. One of the merits of our customer focused booking system is that we can build a programme that is best suited to your adventurers and your desired outcomes.



We believe the biggest risk our children face today is never being exposed to risk. We can’t eliminate risk and challenge is essential for learning. In addition to our statutory requirements, we as a very minimum, comply with inspections and recognition by the National Governing Bodies for Adventure Sports, while seeking to meet and exceed best practises in the industry. Stubbers Adventure Centre has consistently high commendations from all inspecting bodies including the Adventure Activity Licencing Service (AALS).


We maintain that a leader should have a range of strategies for behaviour management that are matched to the individual or group. We believe that children need to learn to take responsibility for their actions so that they grow up with the capacity for sound judgement and accountability. But we also believe in second chances and will always praise of good behaviours as a first response to behaviour management.


We believe that excellent customer service costs nothing and that adventurers feel valued when given quality well maintained equipment and well trained, attentive instructors. We are constantly monitoring your experience and ensuring your feedback receives immediate attention in order to maintain our high standards.