Have a blast with Laser Tag

Here’s the deal. Everyone has a laser gun. Everyone has a sensor on their head. We burst onto one of our battle zones – one has buildings and shelters, the other has vans and a helicopter – and play through different battle scenarios like “Team Death Match”, “Domination”, “Capture the Flag” and “Protect the President”.

This is not a half-hearted experience with flimsy toyshop equipment – we tool you and your family up with quality, heavy duty guns and sensors. While the immersive combat experience is every bit as exhilarating as paintball, there’s none of the safety issues associated with actual projectiles – and not as messy when you get hit!

Think this is the perfect activity for your next day out? Plan your adventure today by calling us on 01708 224753 (9am-5pm) or visit our dedicated contact page.