Get stacking in the great crate stack

If there are ten or more in your family group (9yrs+), why not get involved in our crate stacking challenge? With two builders and two belayers in your team, your task is to reach for the sky with the highest tower you can possibly build. You’ll have to come up with your own technique and co-ordinate your efforts as you get a system going and stack as many of those crates as you can.

And stability is key, because there’s only one way this is going to end – when your tower finally comes crashing down. Our safety measures ensure that the whole family walks away without a scratch – but you’ll also walk away with renewed confidence and a fun memory to share.

Think this is the perfect activity for your next day out? Plan your adventure today by calling us on 01708 224753 (9am-5pm) or visit our dedicated contact page.