Downhill thrills with All Terrain Boarding

Experience all the thrills of snow-boarding without getting cold or soggy on our All Terrain Boarding slope. Certainly, if you’ve snowboarded before, it won’t take you long to transfer your skills and find your feet. The downhill speed you experience as you descend will deliver an adrenaline rush like no other.

We supply all the gear you’ll need, including board, helmet and pads. This is one for older kids, as we aren’t able to allow kids below the age of 9 to participate. That’s because, along with the thrills, there are the inevitable spills, making this one of the more rough & tumble activities on offer. So, while we take every measure to ensure safety, just like in snowboarding, riders accept the risks involved.

Think this is the perfect activity for your next day out? Plan your adventure today by calling us on 01708 224753 (9am-5pm) or visit our dedicated contact page.